New here?

If you are new to our ministry. Then you may have a few questions to ask. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that will help you understand what you can expect when attending our services:

Q. What can I expect when attending your church?

First of all, you can expect to be greated, and treated to a warm and loving environment.

Everything we do here is to cultivate an atmosphere condusive to God's presence being manifested, the word of God ministering to the heart, minds being renewed, people being healed, and captives being set free - through the power of God.

See our what we believe section to find out more.

Q. Is there a dress code to attend your church?

There is no specific dress code to attend our services. However, it is expected that everyone attending our services use their better judgment when considering what to wear.

Q. Is something available for kids?

Your children are important to us, and great care is taken to ensure their safety. We have both a nursery and childrens classes available.

Q. If I decide to make this my home church. How do I get connected?

You can find information on how to connect with us on our welcome table in the foyer.

If you are connecting with us from a different City, State, or Country. We encourage you to attend and engage with us during our weekly livestreams. You can also follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, and Instgram).